Research projects

Research projects

2020, Sep 16    

I am a Colombian researcher with a passion for studying biodiversity. I am particularly interested in the macro- and micro- evolutionary processes giving rise to the high biodiversity in the Neotropics. My research implements phylogenetic, phylogenomic, and population genomics methods to explore the drivers behind diversification.

I am also interested in the dynamic geological history of the Northern Andean Cordillera in conjuntion with the demographic history of plants and ants across it. Currently, I am exploring the genetic basis behind the phenotypic differences between two varieties of the Amazonian palm and Geonoma macrostachys.

During my career, I have been part of every aspect of doing modern science. From planning and carrying out fieldwork expeditions and experiments, to obtaining the sequence data, analysing it, visualizing and writing up the results of my research. I particularly enjoy doing fieldwork and learning new methods for analysing data. I have extensive experience in molecular biology and doing laboratory work. As a bioinformatician, I have generated referenced and de novo assemblies from whole genomes and target-capture sequences. I am very familiar with variant calling, the ”best practices” in bioinformatics, and handling large amounts of files and data.

Besides research, I actively participate in science communication and community engagement activities, raising awareness about environmental and social issues in Colombia.

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